The Russia Forum 2013

The Russia Forum, a leading annual business and investment conference devoted to Russia which is held in Moscow, brings together representatives of many countries who speak different languages and hold many different views, but who assemble to discuss relevant global problems, and opportunities for investment in Russia. The Russia Forum is a place where new business contacts are formed, collaborative efforts strengthened and interesting joint projects born.

The Forum regularly draws a strong lineup of international business and political leaders, top managers of major Russian/CIS corporations, heads of private companies planning on going public, global investors, and independent experts.

Attendees of past Forums have included Vladimir Putin, President of Russia; Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia; Aleksey Kudrin, former Finance Minister of Russia (2000-2011); Elvira Nabiullina, Presidential Economic Advisor; Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow; Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank of Russia; Richard Branson, Chairman and Founder of Virgin Group; Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO; Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault; Alan Greenspan, ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States (1987-2006); Paul Krugman professor at Princeton University; Nouriel Roubini, professor of the Stern School of Business of New York University; Nassim Taleb, professor at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University; Raghuram Rajan, professor at Chicago University and former chief economist of the IMF (2003-2007); Joseph Stiglitz, professor at Columbia University; Michael Milken, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Milken Institute, and others.

The Russia Forum 2012, which was attended by 4,500 people from forty-one countries, featured 278 guest speakers and forty-two panel discussions. One of the more memorable parts of last year’s event was a discussion led by then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin which included Paul Krugman, a Nobel laureate in economics, as well as distinguished economists Raghuram Rajan and Michael Milken. This year’s event promises to be even more engaging and varied than in past years and will feature a higher-profile lineup of speakers and participants.

The Forum is hosted by Sberbank and Sberbank CIB*.

*On the basis of CJSC “Sberbank CIB”

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