Gazprom Energoholding

Gazprom Energoholding is a vertically integrated holding company (100% subsidiary of Gazprom) that manages the Gazprom group’s power generating companies.

Gazprom Energoholding is Russia’s largest owner of electric power generating assets (controlling shares in Mosenergo, TGK-1 and OGK-2), including more than 80 power plants with installed capacity of about 38 GW (about 17% of installed capacity throughout the Russian power sector), which puts the company among the Top 10 leading producers of electricity.

By end 2009, Gazprom Energoholding had consolidated controlling shares of Mosenergo, TGK-1, OGK-2 and OGK-6. In November 2011, OGK-2 was merged with OGK-6 following a decision made by shareholders of both companies at an AGM on June 21, 2011.

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