Sberbank is the largest credit institution in Russia and the CIS. Its founder and principal shareholder is Russia’s Central Bank, which owns 50% of the bank’s authorized capital plus one voting share. The rest of the shares are held by international and domestic investors.

Sberbank dominates the Russian banking sector in terms of total assets. It is the key lender to the national economy and the biggest deposit taker in Russia. As of January 1, 2013, Sberbank accounted for 28.9% of aggregate banking assets, 45.7% of retail deposits, 33.6% of loans to corporate clients and 32.7% of retail loans. Sberbank’s equity totals R1.7 trln (circa $55 bln), which corresponds to 27.4% of the aggregate capital of Russian banks.

Sberbank provides a broad range of banking services to retail clients, including deposits, various types of loans (consumer, car loans and mortgages), bank cards, money transfers, bank insurance and brokerage services. All of the retail loans are underwritten through the Credit Factory system, which was designed for efficient credit-risk assessment and a high-quality loan portfolio. Sberbank is the largest issuer of debit and credit cards, the latter exceeding 9 mln issued as of end 2012. Through a joint bank with BNP Paribas, Sberbank operates as a PoS-lender under the Cetelem brand, using the ‘responsible lending’ concept.

Sberbank has a countrywide branch network with 17 regional head offices and more than 18,000 retail outlets with more than 238,000 employees. The bank also offers services through one of the world’s largest network of ATMs and self-service terminals (circa 68,000). Sberbank is also actively developing its Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online applications with a massive client base totaling over 9.4 mln and 5.4 mln active users, respectively.

In recent years, Sberbank has substantially extended its international presence beyond the CIS – Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus – to nine countries in Central and Eastern Europe via Sberbank Europe AG (formerly VBI) and Turkey via the acquisition of DenizBank. The latter was purchased in September 2012, and represents the largest acquisition in Sberbank’s 170-year history. Sberbank also has representative offices in Germany and China, a branch in India and operates Sberbank Switzerland AG.

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