Sistema is the largest diversified public financial corporation in Russia and the CIS, executing a principally new mechanism of portfolio asset management in Russia. Sistema provides foreign investors with access to the most attractive investment projects otherwise unavailable to them in quickly growing and high-margin industries of the domestic economy.

Sistema has been in operation for 20 years and now invests in and is a major shareholder in companies serving over 100 mln customers in telecommunications, high tech, oil and energy, radar and aerospace, banking, retail, mass media, tourism, biotech and healthcare services. Companies in Sistema’s portfolio operate in Russia, the CIS, Europe and India.

Sistema’s investments are now managed as two distinct portfolios, split by the size and maturity levels of the various businesses. Core assets include CIS telecom leader MTS and Bashneft, which is among Russia’s top 10 oil companies. The group’s developing asset portfolio, while small relative to the core assets, is considered to hold great growth potential.

Sistema is forging an effective and comfortable path for foreign investors to embrace Russia’s investment potential. The holding’s operational experience has shown its ability to manage large-scale deals and understand Russia’s political and economic realities, thus enabling foreign investors to monetize Sistema’s unique advantages in prospective investment projects inaccessible to external investors by more direct means.

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