Jan Dunning

CEO, Lenta

Jan Dunning was born in the Netherlands. Graduated from the University of Groningen, he took a course of marketing in one of the leading business schools in the world INSEAD, Paris and successfully followed the Accelerated Development Program on London Business School in 2007.

Mr. Dunning has vast experience in retail: the latest place of employment was the General Manager position in the Ukrainian unit of Metro Group. He came there in April 2009 after 6 years work in “Metro Cash and Carry Russia” in a position of Operations Director (in this period the amount of Metro stores increased from 4 to 48). Before this Jan Dunning was the head of the wholesale company Lukas Klamer Netherlands, and had worked for 10 years in the German discount supermarket chain Aldi.

He has worked in various positions, including purchasing director, sales director, operational director, development director, financial director, marketing director and CEO. Jan Dunning has been CEO of Lenta since November 2009.

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