Design of The Russia Forum 2013: at the vanguard of time

April 18, 2013


The design concept of The Russia Forum, which is being held in Moscow for the sixth year in a row and hosted by Sberbank, continues the tradition of previous Forums: branding and visual design of the event are inspired by the works of Russian avant-garde artists. It is not by chance that this artistic movement is central to the decoration of the Forum venue. The progressive views held by Russian avant-garde artists of the early 20th century with regard to art and the future of the world resonate with the format and goals of The Russia Forum, an event that focuses on the future and year after year proves to be one of the most authoritative and prestigious discussion venues for the business elite and political leaders, investors and experts. Discussions center on the future of the Russian and global economies and the search for paths of stable development.

This year the Forum’s designers were inspired by the works of famous Cubo-Futurist and art theorist Ivan Kliun (1873-1943). He was born in the Vladimir Gubernia, Russia, and received his initial artistic education in Warsaw and Kiev. In the first decade of the 20th century he was closely acquainted with Kazimir Malevich and other renowned Moscow and St. Petersburg avant-garde artists and paid tribute to the most important areas of painting of the early twentieth century. His artistic legacy is his priceless contribution to the aesthetics of Cubo-Futurism, Suprematism, and other avant-garde movements in the form of both paintings and sculptures.

At the beginning of the last century, avant-garde and abstract movements were at the forefront of art and formed a radically new view of the world. This innovative paradigm has been at the foundation of the visual design of the brand and aesthetic concept of all of the Russia Forums. The work of Kazimir Malevich set the tone for the first Russia Forum in 2008. The following years featured Aristarch Lentulov (2009), Alexander Rodchenko (2010), Alexander Deyneka (2011), and last year – famous avant-garde artist Wassily Kandinsky. These renowned masters, whose works continue to be admired across the globe, were ahead of their time and saw the world in a unique light.