Live broadcast

Not only those who assemble at the Moscow World Trade Center on April 18 and 19 will be able to find out about the most interesting news and events of The Russia Forum 2013. Anyone can keep track of the Forum thanks to live broadcasts provided by twenty-four hour news channel RUSSIA 24, one of the media partners of The Russia Forum 2013.

RUSSIA 24’s broadcast schedule for The Russia Forum 2013

Thursday, April 18

Plenary Session. Turning point: Communism was Russia’s answer to the challenges of the 20th century. What can we expect in the 21st century?

Plenary Session. Investing in Russia: What Drives Investors Today?

Speech of Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Friday, April 19

Can Russia Replicate China’s Infrastructure Miracle?

In addition, video of all the sessions held in the Yellow Hall and Green Hall will be available online on this website (start page), the event’s Facebook page, and on the website of RIA Novosti.

RUSSIA 24 will also provide access to a live broadcast of the sessions of The Russia Forum 2013 held in the Yellow Hall and Green Hall in both Russian and English. The Press Center section contains video player codes that can be used to display a cross broadcasts on other websites. The unbranded signal provided by Russia 24 can be freely used.

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