The Russia Forum, a leading annual business and investment conference devoted to Russia which is held in Moscow, brings together representatives of many countries who speak different languages and hold many different views, but who assemble to discuss relevant global problems, and opportunities for investment in Russia. The Russia Forum is a place where new business contacts are formed, collaborative efforts strengthened and interesting joint projects born.

The current economic situation testifies to the fact that Russia has emerged from the crises of the past two decades stronger and more advanced. The nation’s GDP has now surpassed pre-crisis levels and the ratio of government debt to GDP remains one of the lowest in the world. Russia’s foreign exchange reserves rank among the top five in the world. The country also remains a main beneficiary of high oil prices. However, in 2012, GDP growth slowed down, which is connected with rising inflation. One of the more interesting tendencies of late has been the increase in the fair market value of Russian equities due to a reduction in the risk premium.

The Forum’s program traditionally includes discussions on the most relevant and sometimes challenging topics. The above-mentioned challenges and opportunities—as well as a number of other questions facing the global community—will form the basis of the discussions at The Russia Forum 2013. As is customary, the Forum will consist of two blocks:

  • April 16-17: One-on-one meetings will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel between the top managers of major companies and investors from Russia, Europe, the U.S., and Asia.
  • April 18-19: the discussion part of the Forum will be held in the World Trade Center. This will include speeches by a number of high-profile guests as well as panel and roundtable discussions on pertinent topics.
  1. Thursday, April 18th

    08:30–10:00Registration. Welcome Coffee
    10:00–10:10 Yellow Hall
    Opening speech. Herman Gref
    10:10–10:20 Yellow Hall
    Speech by Sergei Ivanov, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office
    10:20–11:50 Yellow Hall
    Plenary Session. Turning point: Communism was Russia's answer to the challenges of the 20th century. What can we expect in the 21st century?
    11:50–12:10Coffee break
    12:10–13:40 Yellow Hall
    Plenary Session. Investing in Russia: What Drives Investors Today?
    15:15–16:30 Yellow Hall
    Tapping the Potential of Siberia and Russia’s Far East
    Green Hall
    Commodities Markets: the New Reality
    Red Hall
    How Can the Valuation Gap of Russian Companies Be Overcome?
    16:30–16:50Coffee break
    16:50–17:30 Yellow Hall
    Speech of Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
  2. Friday, April 19th

    09:00–10:00Welcome coffee
    10:00–11:15 Yellow Hall
    Can Russia Replicate China’s Infrastructure Miracle?
    Red Hall
    Where does the big money go?
    Green Hall
    Paths of Development for the Stock Market
    11:15–11:30Coffee break
    11:30–12:45 Red Hall
    The Domestic Gas Market: on the Path to Increased Competition?
    Green Hall
    Russian Retail and Consumer: How to Play the Theme in 2013?
    Yellow Hall
    Finance and Telecoms: Two Sectors Converging
    13:00–14:00 Green Hall
    Round table held by RUSSIA 24 TV program Mnenie (Opinion)
    14:15–15:30 Yellow Hall
    The CNBC Summit: Banking on an Unconventional Future
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