Plenary Session. Investing in Russia: What Drives Investors Today?

Thursday, April 18th, 12:10-13:40

There is a general acceptance that Russia is today a large market and has the potential to be a lucrative investment location, but the risk factors are still mainly balancing out the potential rewards. Foreign corporates cite bribery, corruption, poor rule of law and endless red tape as their main concerns, along with skepticism with regard to working with state-controlled companies. But the realities are different, as foreign companies are looking at growth opportunities in Russia, considering its huge consumer base, WTO accession and a president focused on reform, while the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking and OECD membership are longer-term objectives. How can Russia attract more foreign corporates to commit more capital and to stem Russian capital flight? Where does the panel of foreign and domestic corporate leaders see the challenges for Russia in this regard, and the areas to tackle that can make an immediate difference?

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