Russian Retail and Consumer: How to Play the Theme in 2013?

Friday, April 19th, 11:30-12:45

Companies related to the broader consumer mega-theme generate more than half of Russian GDP and have been a significant growth driver since 2004. Russian retail and consumer-related companies’ growth and profitability are, in turn, good measures of Russian consumers’ “health”, and as such are important indicators of the wider Russian economic growth outlook.

How optimistic is the Russian consumer in 2013, and in the medium term? Is middle-class prosperity expected to continue rising? How will the redistribution of power between the major players impact the retail sector’s evolution? Will the internet and online retail become real competitors in the foreseeable future? What are the pros and cons of organic growth as an alternative strategy to market consolidation in the current environment? Will the potential entrance of new global retail powerhouses change the Russian market landscape and rules of the game in the medium term? Will M&A activity pick up in 2013? What is the more prudent funding strategy given current business needs and available financial resources: debt or equity? What do we know about strategic plans and potential IPO/SPO activity by Russian companies? What are the initial results of Russia’s WTO accession and the related legislative initiatives aimed at protecting food and consumer goods producers? How do investors view the Russian consumer and retail market, including strategic players and direct-investment funds?

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