Tapping the Potential of Siberia and Russia’s Far East

Thursday, April 18th, 15:15-16:30

Eastern Siberia and Russia’s Far East have unique development potential thanks to their super-rich resource bases and proximity to key economic centers in Southeast Asia. What steps does Russia need to take in order to tap into the macro-region’s potential and transform it into an economic growth engine? What is holding the region back: inadequate infrastructure, insufficient workforce, legislative hurdles, financing difficulties? What roles should the state and private investors play in developing Eastern Siberia and Russia’s Far East? Should the government focus on attracting FDI or developing a domestic investor base? How best to stop the depopulation trend and stimulate an inflow of new workers to the macro-region? Should economic incentives be introduced to boost the Far North’s population, or should the Canadian model of shift labor be used to tap into its resource base? What needs to be done to create a powerful manufacturing hub in Eastern Siberia and Russia’s Far East, converting the region’s natural resources into high value-added products?

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