Where does the big money go?

Friday, April 19th, 10:00-11:15

In the current highly volatile market environment, investors have a difficult time deciding on asset allocation. Large institutional investors, such as Sovereign wealth funds, large pension funds and insurance companies, family offices, endowments and others are the ones that make the final investment decision on where the big capital goes.

This panel offers a unique chance to hear directly from some of the world’s most influential investors about their outlook going forward. Are they feeling upbeat or cautious? Are they in capital-preservation mode, or are they betting on future growth? What is their view on the global macro environment and where do they see the financial markets going? Which regions of the world capture their attention at the moment and which ones are they avoiding? What are their current asset allocation strategies and how are they hedging against risk? How are fiscal and inflationary challenges affecting their investment decisions? The panel will seek to answer these questions and shed light on where the big money might be going.

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